Effective August 16, 2021 custom bagging requests may be subject to a bagging fee. 

We implemented this fee for the following reasons, and we hope you understand.  

1. The amount of waste we have with the current packing is already concerning for us and we are always searching for better ideas. By implementing these small fees it encourages our clients to use their own reusable packaging at home to split up their bulk food purchases. 

2. Our product is affordable because of the bulk packaging. Packing and tagging is expensive and also time consuming. The less handling of each product is more cost effective. The packing and tagging costs add up quickly, as well as the added staff it requires to keep up with the added work load. 

Please feel free to reach out to us to discuss if custom bagging fees will apply to your requests. The fees will be $2.50 per bag required above what we would use to pack the order normally. 

You will find the bagging fee available to add to your cart under "custom bagging fee" or follow this link. If not previously discussed with us, and you miss adding the fee to your order, we will send an electronic invoice out to be paid prior to delivery or pick up. 

We greatly appreciate your understanding to this new charge. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to via message or phone at anytime.