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Product Update

Ultimate Chicken; UPDATE June 28, in production we may see some early next week. Check out this product in the meantime, its nearly identical in ingredients. UPDATE July 2, expected to arrive July 7

Ultimate Chicken and Beef is in stock

Ultimate Turkey is UPDATE, expected to arrive July 6

Ultimate Turkey and Beef is in stock 

Ultimate Duck is in stock

Ultimate Duck and Beef is in stock

We have partnered with Back2Raw out of Ontario. They make a VERY similar product to the "Ultimates". IN STOCK

We have product by Courtlyn Custom is in stock. 

Over the next few weeks we will continue to see a variety of new raw products arrive. We are currently working with both RawBone Pet Food Co. (based out of BC) and Courtlyn Custom (based here in Alberta). 

We have been able to have our Ultimate blends prepared for us exclusively. They are using the same ratio of ingredients with some minor and better upgrades. We will have our own analysis done ASAP. 

- All beef organ used in all Ultimate Blends (previously it was mixed protein organ)

- The carcasses used are meaty carcasses, and generally include most of the bird like the necks as well. (previously it was mostly turkey frames and chicken backs, which are less meaty)

- The food is only available in 1 pound tubes. No more custom cuts. Click here to see a "how to" video.

We will continue to have all the bones you are used to. They are being supplied by two local (Alberta) butcher shops. Items that come cubed, are also from these butcher shops (tripe, organs, beef blend, boar blend, cat diet etc). 

We are working hard on securing other sources for parts like feet and necks. We will continue to have turkey necks, turkey feet, and chicken feet but chicken necks we are still working on. Duck parts will be slow to find, but we are working on that as well. UPDATE June 9 Duck necks will arrive today! 

Fish is starting to arrive over the next few weeks. We have Salmon and Beef by Courtlyn coming in this week (June 29/30), as well as salmon fillets. We have herring tentatively coming soon as well. 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. We are excited to have several sources of raw available here. Over the next few months you will see other, new raw products arriving, so keep checking back!

All of us would like to thank you for your continued support during this time. We are forever grateful to our wonderful clients that have kept us going and given encouragement along the way :)