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Boar/Beef Blend

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50% Boar Muscle Meat, 15% Beef Tripe, 15% Beef Heart, 10% Beef Tongue, 5% Beef Liver, 5% Beef Kidney

FUN FACT; mix this blend 50/50 with Wild Fish Blend and get Ultimate Salmon!

This is one of our base blends. This is not a balanced diet, and needs a source of calcium. You will find boar muscle meat and only beef organs in this blend, and also beef tripe. Perfect for dogs avoiding poultry. No need to add extra tripe, meat or organ, you can simple add your bone content either through a supplement or whole consumable bones. Generally dogs need 10-15% bone content, and cats a bit less 5-8%. Lets say your dog eats 1 pound of food a day, 0.10 pounds (1.6 ounces) of that should be bone content if you are using whole consumable bones (poultry necks, rib bones, heads, feet, wings). You can also use the following supplements at their recommended doses, Sea Coral Calcium or Better Bones


Sold by the pound (lb) and only available in the 2"x 2" cubes.

Approximately 5-6 cubes per pound.
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