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Cadaver - Scent Reference Material

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*This product is non-hazardous and non-restricted*

The newest Scent Reference Kit from the ScentSmiths at Scentlogix! For use in the training of Human Remains (Cadaver) Detection Canines.

ScentLogix is the preferred scent reference material provider for Alberta K9 - and is tried, tested, and proven in the training of their top-quality detection canines.

From the manufacturer:

ScentLogix Cadaver is The Scent-Embodiment of Death specifically formulated to challenge the current limits of Human Remains Detection whilst concurrently serving as an educational tool, bringing new insights into our understanding of K9-assisted human remains Detection.

Formulated to find all stages of decomposition in different environments.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 K9 Scent Imprint Training Aids
  • Imprint Aid Protective Bags (Reusable)
  • Magnetic 360° Above-Ground Stash Pipe
  • 360° Below-Ground Stash Tube
  • Scentable Towel
  • Scent-Barrier Packaging
  • Airtight Container