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Carnation Catnip Paper Flower

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This Carnation Catnip Paper Flower captures the beloved catnip scent and brings out your kitty’s warm fuzziness!

Each flower petal of this Carnation Catnip Paper Flower is made of fresh catnip attached to a sturdy, silvervine stick. Both sides of the paper are filled with freshly smashed catnip petals, which cats love to touch, roll on, and even lick. These flower-shaped toys are also the most exhilarating for cats who are sensitive to the herb, a smell will put them in a euphoric condition for around 10 minutes. Catnip, whether fresh or dried, may inspire adult cats to act like kittens, rolling around on the floor and playing with toys.

Silvervine is a naturally occurring plant with special compounds which stimulate your cats olfactory senses. Research shows that the cats that have no response to catnip, love silvervine.

  • New innovative paper flower feature to integrate catnip into the paper material
  • 100% natural – Fully organic, ground catnip
  • Aromatic catnip as a natural cat stimulant
  • Cat-Friendly and natural silvervine stick
  • Eco-Friendly/ recyclable components