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Colour & Gray® Webbed Dog Collars

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Simple and straight forward - The Colour and Grey Collar is well made and durable, easy to use and available in 6 Colours

Material: Polyester Webbing

Colours: Black, Red, Blue, Pink and Orange, Neon Green

SIZE SMALL  27 - 42 cm /  10 - 16.5 inch    -   20 mm thick. - 3/4 Inch

SIZE LARGE  39 - 65 cm /  15 - 25.5 inch    -   25 mm - 1 Inch thick.


Handle: NO

Changeable Label: NO

From our very popular Colour & Gray® brand, this webbed dog collar is made from highly durable material built to withstand intense wear and tear as well as tough weather conditions. The heavy-duty buckle and safety lock keep your dog secure. The size can be easily adjusted to ensure an safe and comfortable fit.

The collar is suitable for both long and short haired dogs and has been designed not to irritate fur.


  • Made from highly durable polyester webbing
  • Doesn't irritate fur
  • Heavy duty buckle for secure fixing
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Secure ring for attaching leads and leashes
  • Easy to clean

This collar is available in two sizes so please measure the circumference of your dog's neck to ensure the correct collar length is worn.

The heavy duty central ring allows for simple and secure attachments of leads and leashes.