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Duoplay Ball with Handle

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From the Manufacturer:

Modern K9 Pro Tip - We find this toy a bit softer than the average training ball. Making it easy to grip for young dogs or dogs that prefer a softer rubber. 

The special shape, flexibility and fluted surface make the Duoplay ball ideal for dogs of all sizes and levels of experience. Its elastic handle ensures that your dog can experience the joy of playful fighting. The Duoplay ball is made of natural caoutchouc that is gentle and tooth-friendly even with everyday use. Its neon and orange coloured handle makes it a fun accessories to walks, while its fluorescent colours make it easier to find in any environment. 

Features of the Duoplay ball:

  • 15 cm long, neon or orange coloured fluorescent handle

  • 9,5 cm long, natural caoutchouc ball

  • Widest point: 7,5 cm

  • Narrowest point: 4,5 cm