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IDC® Belt Harness

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This lightweight Dog Belt Harness from our Colour & Gray series is fully adjustable and has been developed to be easy fitting, secure and comfortable for your dog to wear over long periods.

Taking the most practical designs found in our successful IDC Powerharness range, this slim line belt model is safe due, secure and tough and hard wearing allowing your dog to move more freely. The lightweight design makes it ideal for use at the cottage, in the Lake or rivers and in general muddy environments.

Heavy duty buckles

The high-quality buckles of an Julius-K9 IDC-Belt Harness are permanently tested and checked. This careful attention worth especially in wintertime: these buckles work perfectly and don't break even in frosty weather.

Removable Velcro labels

The Julius-K9 IDC-Belt Harness comes complete with a pairs of  fluorescent JULIUS-K9 series label which glows in the dark, these labels are removable so you can add you own labels.

Velcro-fixed handle

The handle part is fixable by Velcro on every belt harness, so the dog can run freely without any possibilities of being stuck.