Junior Puppy - Ultimate Turkey

Junior Puppy - Ultimate Turkey

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A finer grind of our Ultimate Turkey, only available in 2"x 2" cubes.

75% Turkey & Bone, 10% Tripe, 5% Heart, 5% Spleen/Kidney, 5% Liver

Specifically made for older puppies (8+ weeks) and small dogs depending on breed and weight.

Sold by the pound (lb).
Approximately 5-6 cubes per pound.
As this product is hand-cut by the manufacturer, exact portion size may vary.
Please enter the number of pounds you would like to order in the "quantity" box.


Moisture 68%
Protein 18%
Fat 9.90%
kcal/kg 1640
Ash 3.40%
Calcium 1.10%
Phosphorous 0.70%
Magnesium 0.03%
Potassium 0.22%
Sodium 0.10%
Copper 1.4 mg/kg
Iron 71 mg/kg
Zinc 32 mg/kg

(Note: Analysis is completed on an "As Fed" basis, meaning with moisture)

This product is manufactured & supplied by The Complete K9 Ltd.