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K9 THORN - "One" Vest/Harness


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On the sides there are d-rings for attaching belts that relieve the hind limbs in transport. The harness also has a MOLLE carrying system. L size has 4 Molle holes, M size has 3 molle holes. 

ITW Nexus buckles, breaking strength per buckle 70 kg.

The harness is made of the best and most durable materials available on the market. It was created to provide maximum protection and wearing comfort for the dog. The harness skeleton is sewn on waterproof Cordura and lined with spacer mesh for better breathability and wearing comfort.

Compared to other types of tapes (polyester, polypropylene, cotton), polyamide tapes have the greatest durability, aesthetics and one of the highest strengths.

Polyamide tapes are resistant to weather conditions, the color is permanent, the tape in normal use does not wear out, does not fray, does not unravel, protruding threads will not appear over time

An additional advantage is the ease of terminating the tape, which melts under the influence of heat. Considering the stiffness and thickness of the belt, this is the best type of finishing for the end of the belt.

Large - 75 cm to 90 cm chest


Do not use for rope transport and parachute jumping. We recommend Cobra buckle harnesses or the One Plus harness.