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L-Lysine Powder 3 OZ

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L-Lysine Powder by Wholistic Pet Organics, is formulated to support your cats immune system by promoting the production of antibodies and enzymes within the immune system. The feline body cannot produce Lysine on its own. Due to this, it is important to supplement Lysine to your cats diet.

As an essential amino acid, your cat can benefit greatly with added L-Lysine powder to help support:

  • To manage conditions associated with L-lysine such as upper respiratory, conjunctivitis, and feline herpes
  • For calcium absorption for support of stronger bones and a healthier skin.


  • Cats under 6 months receive 1 scoop
  • Cats 6 months and over receive 2 scoops.

Administer Daily


L-lysine HCL