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Wild Alaskan Fish Oil


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As the demand for Alaskan Salmon increases, the price and availability become very uncertain for us “pet people”. Our customers asked for an affordable, comparable alternative to our salmon oil, and our Wild Alaskan Fish Oil is it!

Our Wild Alaskan Fish Oil provides your pets with the omega-3 nutrition most animals are missing from their daily diets. Our Wild Alaskan Fish Oil is made from wild caught Alaskan pollock and is an excellent source of DHA, EPA and naturally occurring Astaxanthin. Our fish oil is cold filtered, clean, safe, raw oil with all the nutrients intact, as nature intended.

DHA: for brain and heart health (and so much more)
EPA: decreases inflammation + promotes joint health
Astaxanthin: super powerful antioxidant to maintain healthy pets

Our founder spent 10 years researching many different Alaskan fish, and Pollock is his second favorite choice for making oil (salmon being his first). It shares many of the same properties of salmon such as no heavy metals, high Omega-3 content, and our ability to cold filter it. The oil is slightly darker orange, but has the same consistency and smell as fresh salmon, plus you still get the added benefit of Astaxanthin!

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