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Please be advised that our raw food supplier, The Complete K9, lost their production facility to a fire on May 5. As a result, our raw food supply is currently limited and all available stock is shown on the website. We are working hard to secure an alternate supply and our goal is to return to full stock within 1 to 3 weeks.

LIKER Magnetic Training Ball

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This version of the LIKER ball comes with a high quality magnet attached to the cord with a separate magnet for your training vest, enabling you to have both hands free while the ball is attached to your chest when training your dog. This improves the dogs heel work and focus during IGP and Protection training.

Non-toxic & Non-allergic, this quality, highly visible training ball not only floats but is ideal for the development of obedience within puppy, agility, freestyle or IGP training environments.

The unique material of LIKER is non-toxic; it can be easily bitten and it does not hurt teeth and gums of the dog. You and your dog can not be hurt by the ball because the material is elastic, but soft . LIKER is useful for dog’s teeth. Sinking inside the material, the dog’s teeth get cleaned. The dirty ball can be easily washed. The dirt does not linger on its surface. It means that bacteria will not get into the dog’s mouth.

The ball will delight you and your pet! It is difficult to lose! It will not sink into the snow; it will be seen in the grass and it will not sink in the water. And you will notice its colour even in the most overcast day.

We recommend you to hide Liker after the game. In this case your dog will have a huge interest for the ball and every new game will start with a great excitement.

We recommend to play under supervision. Take care of your pet does not to swallow the ball or its parts.

LIKER 7 is approximately the size of a tennis ball

LIKER 9 is approximately the size of a grape fruit