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Pitch Dog Disc

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From the manufacturer:

The PitchDog disc is a toy made of a unique material, a foamed polymer that is as light as foam and flexible as rubber. Thanks to this, it floats perfectly on the surface of the water, and you will not strain your arm while playing. You also do not have to worry about the dog's teeth and gums because the material from which the toy is made will certainly not damage them, because it does not create sharp edges or burrs. PitchDog helps to spend many unforgettable, joyful moments with your pet, while taking care of the dog's health in the form of a game/play. The toy is completely odourless. A dog's teeth sink into the material, and dogs like such games.

After playing, it is safest to store the toy out of reach. You shouldn't leave the disc for your dog to play alone. Remember that this toy is not for chewing but a training aid for exciting play.

Main advantages:

  1. Soft and durable at the same time  
  2. Harmless to dog's teeth and gums 
  3. Swimmers. It is clearly visible from the shore  
  4. Safe for the health of dogs  
  5. Odorless