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Silver Vine Handmade Catnip Exquisite Ball

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This cat toy brings together two of nature’s most potent cat stimulants. Catnip is a natural plant which makes cats more active, alert and playful. It is every cat’s dream to have a whiff of catnip and every cat parents dream to witness and record the silliness that ensues. Cats have been known to have the most adorable moments while on this herb.

While some of them relax while on catnip, the others get extremely playful. The best part is that since catnip is completely natural, it has no harmful effects on cats. Some cats do not respond to catnip though. Eighty percent of cats, according to a study, respond to the silver vine. Bring silver vine and catnip together and voila!

The item is an eight-cm ball, and its measurements make it easier for your cat to play footie with it. The balls exterior is made up of potent silver vine sticks held together with hemp chords. Inside the silver vine, cage is a ball of pure catnip held together by organic gum. Both the scents will fuse together to make this cat toy simply irresistible for your cat. 

  • An exterior ball made out of aromatic silver vine sticks
  • Organic catnip ball
  • Knotted hemp cords
  • Feline-friendly, Eco-friendly and recyclable material