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Snuffle Mat

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The Snuffle Mat is a foraging feeder for dogs and is an excellent way to provide daily mental stimulation at meal times or to occupy your dog when you’re busy.

Easy to take on the road for travel, dog sports, hiking & more! Not just for dogs! Ideal for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds & other animals!

Here are the guidelines to using Snuffle Mats.

  • Feed your pet’s meals in this or occupy your pet when you’re busy.
  • Sprinkle dry food on to the mat & ruffle strips to shake it in. Dehydrated meat works well for raw feeders.
  • Supervise during use & remove when pet is done. NOT for chewing. Remove any damaged strips. If your pet is destructive, use common sense.
  • Hand wash fleece & lay out to dry.
  • Keep away form heat sources and do not put into a dryer.