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Target Stick


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The Company of Animals Target Stick is a key accessory for clicker training. It’s essentially an extendable stick with a soft rubber ball on the end, which provides a visual target to guide your dog.

1 - Telescopic design

The clever telescopic design of the Target Stick allows you to adjust the length from 15-70cm.

2 - Visual target

The soft round ball at the end of the Target Stick provides a visual guide for your dog which is helpful when teaching basic commands like ‘Sit’ or ‘Down’, but is also invaluable for more advanced trick training.

3 - Convenient to carry

When collapsed the Target Stick is only 15cm long making it easy to transport and store in a pocket or treat bag.

4 - Easy to use

A real must-have for clicker training fans, the Target Stick is easy to use and can help owners teach their dog anything from simple commands to complicated tricks.