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Ultimate Cat Diet


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The Ultimate Diet for Cats has larger meat chunks in it, which cats prefer. It also contains no tripe, which cats do not normally like to eat as they much prefer clean, fresh meat. 

16% Boar Muscle Meat

16% Beef Muscle Meat

18% Chicken Wing Tips

30% Beef Heart

5% Beef Liver

5% Beef Lung

5% Beef Kidney

5% Beef Spleen

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The Ultimate Diet for Cats is a complete blend. You will find the right amount of muscle meat, bone, organs and no filler. The Ultimate Diet for Cats follows the PMR (prey model raw) guidelines. Carnivores require more than just meat in a proper raw diet. The right amount of bone, and secreting organ is just as crucial as the muscle meat is in a raw diet. Not all organs are secreting organs. Cats have a slightly lower bone requirement than dogs, and that is reflected in this diet as well. Cats also have a different requirement of taurine than dogs and need to acquire it from their diet. That is where the 15% Beef Heart is crucial. Heart is full of taurine among many other essential nutrients. 

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20% Boar Muscle Meat

20% Beef Muscle Meat

17% Chicken Necks & Wings

15% Beef Heart

11% Bison Muscle Meat

6% Whole Salmon

5% Pork Liver

3% Beef Kidney

3% Beef Spleen

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