Ultimate Turkey/Beef

Ultimate Turkey/Beef

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There is a country wide shortage of Turkey. Therefore we will not be able to get Turkey Beef on a consistent basis. 

40% Turkey & Bone, 20% Beef, 20% Tripe, 5% Heart, 5% Lung, 5% Kidney, 5% Liver

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Please note that this product is hand-cut by the manufacturer, therefore portion sizes are approximate.


Moisture 66%
Protein 16%
Fat 15%
kcal/kg 2020
Ash 2.80%
Calcium 0.40%
Phosphorous 0.34%
Magnesium 0.02%
Potassium 0.20%
Sodium 0.11%
Copper 9.7 mg/kg
Iron 59 mg/kg
Zinc 25 mg/kg

(Note: Analysis is completed on an "As Fed" basis, meaning with moisture)