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Chicken Feet/Paws

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Chicken feet consist of skin, cartilage, tendons, and bones. Even without providing much meat, they're high in collagen — the most abundant protein in your body. This collagen content may help relieve joint pain, aid skin health, and prevent bone loss.  Also a great natural source of glucosamine, which is a natural compound found in the building blocks of cartilage. When dogs suffer from arthritis or bone and joint pain, glucosamine can help to cushion the area between joints where cartilage is missing, thin, or damaged. Chicken feet also offer the benefit of naturally brushing your dog's teeth. As your dog chews and gnaws on the chicken feet, they will absorb glucosamine from the cartilage while having their teeth cleaned at the same time. 

Chicken paws are just the foot, not the leg bone. Please see the picture for details.

Chicken Feet have the leg bone attached, therefore are slightly bigger than the paws..

Bulk Chicken Feet sold by the pound. (lb)