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Main Meat Sources

Transparency meets exceptional quality.

Modern K9 understands the importance of knowing what exactly is in your pets bowl, and where it comes from. That is why we have partnered with Rawbone Pet Food Co to manufacture our house blends. Together with Rawbone we have formulated our blends, using only Canadian product (when feasible example Kangaroo). Our house blends are crafted using carefully selected vendors, utilizing multiple proteins that are nutrient-rich to build a balanced diet for your pet. 

Our list of trusted vendors is updated regularly as we continue to grow. Rest assured that we only use locally farmed product when available, and only Canadian product unless otherwise stated. There are some exceptions to supply, like kangaroo, and sometimes rabbit (Australia and Hungary). 

Beef - 63 Acres beef, British Columbia 

Beef Organ - Beretta Natural Farms, British Columbia

Pork - Savory Choice Farms, British Columbia

Chicken - Rossdown Natural Farms, British Columbia

Turkey - Sofina Farms, Canada

Duck - Montreal, Quebec 

Salmon (sockeye) - Wild Caught Canadian Pacific Ocean

Herring - Wild Caught Canadian Pacific Ocean

Chicken Parts - High River Chicken & Jenner Colony Chicken

Turkey Parts - Jenner Colony Chicken & Sofina Farms Canada

Goose and Duck Parts - Mix of local colonies as available


We have found that the majority of people that feed a raw food diet so they have a better a understanding just what is in their pets bowl. Today, many raw production companies know this, and choose their wording carefully to purposefully mislead you to what is acutally in your pets bowl. You will find an exact list of protein source for every ingredient in our house mixes. This means we will list beef tripe, beef heart, beef liver etc whereas other companies will list it implying it is beef. Example Beef Tripe, heart, liver, kidney...

Modern K9 does not use horse in any of house blends or any brands we carry. We will never substitute organ with pork unless it is a specially a pork product. This is not the case for several other local manufacturers. Using pork and horse organ would bring the cost down of the food. Modern K9 will not sacrifice quality for cost.


We are often asked if our supply is human grade. Yes. All our house blends come from the human grade food chain, with green beef tripe being the only exception (since green tripe cannot be used for human consumption). But what does that mean exactly? It means that the product used in our house blends is processed initially in a human grade inspected facility, even the product that comes from local colonies. It must be treated as human consumption through the whole process, maintaining proper storage and handling the entire time. All 4 of our walk in freezers are run at -21 celsius and none of our freezers are run outside of a building. 

Know what to ask. If a pet food manufacturer is not using human grade meats, and is instead processing the entire animal themselves and they are not a licensed butcher then the animals they are processing are NOT inspected for human consumption. This is often the case with ultra low priced raw food. As they are able to cut out the middle man and keep their prices even lower by using "downed" local cattle, as an example. 

If ever you have a question as to what you are feeding your special companion, we are always here to help as much as we can.