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Raw Pork Ears

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Whole, Raw Pork Ears! Great chews for medium to large breed dogs. Pork ears are made of cartilage, so they are high in protein and fairly low in fat.

Cartilage contains natural glucosamine and chondroitin, so chewing on ears can benefit your dog’s joints. They’re soft and easy on the teeth, so they’re good chews for dogs with sensitive teeth or dogs who prefer a leisurely chew. Gnawing on ears helps remove plaque and tartar, promoting dental health, and chewing helps keep your dog’s gums healthy too.

And because they’re just cartilage, pig ears are quite digestible for your dog. Just monitor your dog if he’s a gulper who doesn’t chew his food thoroughly, so he doesn’t choke or get a bowel obstruction from swallowing big chunks of ear.