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Just Chicken - K9 Choice

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We carry a virtually-identical house blend - GCO (Chicken 80/10/10) that is available in 1-pound portions (unwrapped, ready to feed) for only $2.35 per pound! That's 55 cents cheaper per pound than Just Chicken!



Just Chicken is exactly that, ground chicken meat, bone and organ. All from top-quality, naturally-raised, free-range, hormone-free, chemical-free and steroid-free chickens. 

K9 Choice is proudly Albertan. 

Comes only by the 20 lb box (5.5" x 10.5" x 16"). Patties are rough cut approx. 1/2 pound portions in the box  (works out to $2.90 per pound)


Whole skinless cage-free chicken, triple-ground with bone & organ meat