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Livstrong Himalayan Yak Cheese

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Himalayan yak chews, crafted from 100% pure yak milk, pack more protein punch than your typical cow or goat milk. They are renowned for their exceptional nutrition, distinctive taste, and robust texture loaded with protein and calcium goodness. They're long-lasting, giving your pup hours of chewing delight while also helping to promote dental health. Our classic Himalayan yak chews come in five sizes, catering to every dog. But wait, there's more! Dive into our world of flavour with five delicious infused varieties. It's a taste adventure your pup will be wagging for.

Livstrong Pets Himalayan Yak Cheeseย is a 100% natural, long-lasting chew made from an ancient Himalayan recipe in Nepal.

Using only 3 ingredients โ€“ Yak Milk, Lime & Sea Salt, it is a perfect chew for all-sized dogs. As the cheese is hardened it becomes lactose-free so easy to digest and contains no preservatives. Our Himalayan Cheese Yak Chews are flown in direct from Nepal ensuring freshness. Exception is the flavour for the infused flavours! ๐Ÿ˜‹

When there is a small piece of the chew left over, simply microwave it for 30 seconds until it puffs up like popcorn, let it cool and feed it back to your furry friend!

Apple Cinnamon

Ingredients for Apple Cinnamon

โ€“ Yak milk, lime, sea salt, apple extract, cinnamon extract

Maple Bacon

Maple Bacon Ingredients:

โ€“ Yak milk, lime, sea salt, maple extract, bacon extract

Cranberry & Blueberry

Cranberry & Blueberry Ingredients
โ€“ Yak milk, lime, sea salt, cranberry extract, blueberry extract

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