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Q - Do you accept returns?

A - We do not accept any returns or exchanges on raw pet food, fresh/frozen products, or used dry goods (pet supplies). If you are trying a new product or protein, we recommend buying a smaller quantity to start with, in case your pet doesn't like it.

We also do not accept returns or exchanges on any electronics or RuffLand kennel products. 

Some of the brands we carry require you to deal with them directly for returns/exchanges through their warranty programs. As such, we are unable to handle returns/exchanges in-store for these brands. 

Q - Why don't you accept returns on raw pet food?

A - As we have no control over the handling and storage of the raw pet food once it leaves our care and custody, we would be unable to resell any returned product - and would end up throwing it out. As a small business, we simply can't afford to do this, and we appreciate your understanding.

If you have manufacturing concerns with a specific product, we recommend reaching out to the manufacturer directly.




Q - How much should I feed my dog?

A - The average amount we recommend is 2% of their ideal adult body weight. However, every dog is different, so feel free to email or call us with help figuring out what is best for your pet. 

Q - How much do the 2x2 cubes weigh?

A - 3-6 ounces. They are cut by hand, and often the sizes vary. We recommend a kitchen scale if you need to carefully watch how much you are feeding.  


Q - Do I need to pre-order for pick up?

A - No. Please feel free to come by the store during business hours and we would be happy to help!

Q - Can I place an order over the phone?

A - For pick up orders, yes - you can pay in store. For delivery orders, no - all delivery orders must be prepaid, and we do not accept payment over the phone.



Q - Can I request a specific delivery time?

A - No. Our delivery route is computer generated each morning and is based on the most efficient route for the overall deliveries that day. We cannot accommodate requests for a specific delivery time. Please refer to the text/email alerts regarding the delivery window for your order, on the day of delivery. If you will not be available on a specific day, please order for delivery on another day.

Q - Where will my delivery be placed?

A - All deliveries will be placed at the first point of access (ie; main building door, front step, outside gate, etc.). Due to insurance restrictions, our delivery drivers are unable to enter your home or condo/apartment building. Our drivers will not enter gated yards due to the risk of letting your pet out inadvertently.

If you would like your order placed in a suitably-sized cooler that you have left outside, you must indicate this in your order notes.

Q - I received a "delivered" notification, but cannot find my order?

A - Please check all points of access to your property (outside your gate, front and back doors, etc.). If you cannot locate your order, please call us immediately at 403-523-0402. Our delivery vans are equipped with GPS and video camera systems, so we can often resolve delivery issues quickly. Please note that we do not accept any responsibility for the theft of or thawing of orders after they have left our custody.

Q - Can the delivery driver call me when they arrive?

A - Our drivers do not carry company cell phones, therefore they are unable to call you upon arrival. Please refer to the text and/or email alerts regarding your order.