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TBO - Turkey/Beef/Organ


TBO (Turkey/Beef/Organ) is a lean and nutritious blend for dogs or cats. Made with turkey meat and bone with beef muscle meat, it's the perfect choice for those who prefer a non-tripe option. Rich in protein and without any added fillers, TBO is a healthy choice for your four-legged friend's diet.

This is a complete diet with approximately 10%-12% bone (calcium) content. 

Available in the 1 Lb chubs only. Sold by the pound. A case is 40 LBS


70% Turkey & Bone

10% Beef Muscle Meat

5% Beef Heart

5% Beef Lung

5% Beef Kidney

5% Beef Liver

More Info

This Turkey, Beef and Organ blend is a great options for dogs or cats that do not do well on diets with tripe. TBO contains only turkey meat and bone, as well as beef muscle with beef organs. This is considered an 80/10/10 diet.

We always recommend rotating proteins as your budget and dogs preferences allow. Although we believe raw is always best, it is not advisable to feed only one protein source for an indefinite period of time. There are many different nutrients and minerals in all different proteins. Feel free to reach out for more detailed recommendations for your pets needs.

Most carnivores need a source of omegas as well. Essential fatty acids (omegas) are necessary for brain health and development, reducing general inflammation, and also healthy skin and coat. Using a high quality supplement is just as easy. We recommend Safe Sea as our number one omega supplement.

Sold by the pound (lb).

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