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Ultimate Triple Plus - Chicken, Beef, Pork, + Fish

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All the protein your pup needs in one delicious bite with Triple Plus Chicken, Beef, Pork, & Fish! Our complete and nutritious formula is sure to fuel your dogs every adventure. With all four proteins, including an omega 3 source, your pup will love the beef tripe in every bite. Yum!

Ground chicken with bone, beef muscle meat, pork muscle meat, salmon and beef tripe. 

This is a complete diet with approximately 10% bone (calcium) content and 10% beef organs (liver & kidney) as well as 5% beef heart for an added boost of taurine. 

Available in the 1 Lb chubs only. Sold by the pound. A case is 40 LBS


40% Meaty Chicken Carcass

10% Salmon Carcass

5% Beef Muscle Meat

5% Pork Muscle Meat

20% Beef Tripe

5% Beef Heart

5% Beef Liver

5% Beef Kidney

5% Beef Lung

Why the Name Change?

This was formally known as BPS. We are using our in house manufacturer to produce a very simular product with more consistent ingredients. Formally BPS was an unknown fish content (different white fish and/ors salmon) and different organs as available. Our new Triple Plus is always salmon, and always beef organ and ALWAYS the same ingredients.