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Compostable Poop Bags 8 Rolls - Unscented

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BPI Certified Compostable, so they completely decompose within 3-6 months in industrial composting facilities as opposed to plastic bags or uncertified biodegradable bags, which take HUNDREDS of years, or EPI additive bags that leave toxic residues, and the remaining fragments still take hundreds of years to decompose. Plastic free vegetable based bags.

Care Instructions:

We recommend storing your poop bags in a cool, dry area and avoiding exposing them to direct sunlight to guarantee fresh product for every use!

Being a compostable product, they will start to break down on their own. We always recommend purchasing enough for a few months at a time.

Once they start breaking down, you will experience tearing when removing the bag from the roll or opening it. If you experience this, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Individual Bag Dimensions – 22cm x 33cm 

120 Bags per box.