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Duck Necks

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Duck necks are a great meaty bone. They are fully consumable as the bones are soft and highly digestible. Poultry necks are generally 75% bone and 25% meat. A great option for a snack, or used in your DIY diets for bone content. Duck necks are a medium sized poultry neck that work great for large breed puppies and medium to large sized dogs due to the smaller size than the average turkey neck. They are also a great option for chicken or turkey sensitivities. Poultry necks are a great options for helping to keep the teeth clean as well.

Pro tip: Remember bone content is what keeps the stools tight and dry. Too much bone can cause constipation, or too dry of stools. Tight, hard stools are healthy to keep the digestive tract clean, so just use the necks in moderation if primarily feeding a premade diet. 

Individually frozen. 

Sold by the pound (lb). There are approximately 3 necks per pound.

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