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Feast Mat

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Deep with every dog is a (very cute) inner wolfy that craves wild eating, licking, nibbling, and just plain working for their food. Nourish those natural instincts and help alleviate stress with safely and sustainably made, easy to clean Feast Mat™ Collection.

Feasting The Way Nature Intended. West Paw's Feast Mat™ is an All-in-One, innovative enrichment mat that brings a slow feeder and lick mat together to provide an engaging variety between feeding and treating.  The Slow Feeder side features an enticing design with deep grooves that allows the dog to forage and explore for food, while the Lick Mat side is designed for treating and soothing licking. The Feast Mat comes in two designs for extra creativity and engagement.
  • Dual-purpose with Slow Feeder and Lick Mat sides
  • Engages pets, slows eating, reduces stress, and alleviates boredom
  • Non-slip, safe, non-toxic, and dishwasher safe
  • Made from recycled materials and recyclable
  • Designed and made in the USA, available in multiple colours

Made with Recycled Ocean-Bound Plastic