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GBuffO - Bison 80/10/10


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GBuffO -Bison (80/10/10) is made with Pure Canadian, grass-fed bison. This single protein blend contains 80% bison muscle meat, 10% bison bone, and 10% bison organs (heart, lung, liver, and kidney) with no added tripe, making this an ideal diet for both cats and dogs.

Attention! You may notice “black” pieces. This is NOT tripe. It is tongue, as that makes up some of the muscle meat percentage. 

This product comes in 1 LB tubes!

Sold by the LB

80% Bison Muscle Meat (including tongue)
10% Bison Heart, Bison Liver, Bison Kidney
10% Bison Bone Dust

Below is a picture of a bit of bison tongue you may find in the mix

This is a non-returnable product

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