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GREEN ROVER - Organic green ferment for dogs

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From Four Leaf Rover

What makes Green Rover a quality product?

It’s Natural Source of Sulforaphane

Green rover contains a natural component called Sulforaphane. Its responsibility is to activate the anti-inflammatory pathway “NRF2”. Researchers are thrilled to see the role sulforaphane plays in diseased and aging dogs as its showing to help with chronic inflammation due to health issues. You can find Broccoli sprouts in Green Rover. They are rich source of sulforaphane, so we make sure to test each batch of our organic broccoli sprouts for the highest sulforaphane content.

Its Role In Helping Liver Detoxification

Sulforaphane plays an important role in the activation of phase II liver detoxification. In order to protect your dog’s cells from DNA damage (that can come from cancer-causing toxins) it activates enzymes.

And this is crucial.

Your dog is around toxins daily, whether you know it or not.

They’re in the food he eats, the water he drinks and swims in and even the air he breathes in. This constant exposure of toxins can cause inflammation. Overtime, it can do serious damage your dog’s cells and his organs.

It's Powerful Antioxidants

Antioxidants are “turned on” when the NRF2 pathway is activated. This is important because antioxidants can help support cells that are damaged from free radicals.

Free radicals that tend to grow and build in dogs can cause premature aging and inflammation. This is why a consistent supply of antioxidants is so important. 

For dogs that are ill, stressed or eating high processed diets like kibble and canned foods can benefit from antioxidant enzymes too.

Organic Broccoli Sprouts For The Win!

Green Rover contains a rich supply of organic broccoli sprouts for their Sulforaphane content. Sulforaphane has activators that initiate Phase ll liver detoxification.

Top-Notch Vitamin Rich Greens

There’s a hefty helping of Fermented Organic Grasses and Sea Greens in Green Rover. It's a natural supply of vitamins and trace minerals that are crucial to supporting good immune function.

Inexpensive & Easy Greens 

Simply put, greens are good for your dog. But sourcing quality organic greens isn’t always that easy… or just plain expensive when you find them.

Green Rover makes it easy to add immune and detox support daily, without the time and money.