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GUTS & GLORY - Grass fed organs for dogs

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From Four Leaf Rover;

Guts & Glory is organs made easy (even for picky eaters!) This powerful blend of New Zealand sourced beef organs is a convenient way to get more organ variety into your dog’s diet. After all, the organs are Mother Nature’s multivitamins. 

The truth is, a lot of pet foods are lacking in the natural supply of multivitamins that come from organ meats. 

Wolves start at the organs and glands when they feast on their prey. That’s because this is where the hearty source of proteins, peptides and enzymes live. 

Guts & Glory is a good way to provide your dog with mother-nature’s finest resources:

  • Grass-fed New Zealand cows
  • Bovine sourced (NO porcine)
  • Freeze-dried ingredients for top quality 
  • Third-party tested
  • Hormone-free
  • Pesticide-free
  • No fillers. None
  • Natural organs

Guts & Glory is a good way to give your dog a variety of organs and glands and skip out on the mess.

Every organ comes with its own benefits to your dog:

Bovine Liver

Liver supports the liver. And that means it can help support your dogs immune health and help keep him safe from environmental chemicals. Bovine liver is also a good source of vitamin A which is linked to iron and hormone function.

Bovine Heart

Bovine heart has a dense source of taurine, collagen, vitamin B12 and Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). This helps support mitochondrial health, connective tissue and mobility.

Bovine Kidney

Bovine kidney has a good spruce of selenium, diamine, oxidase, enzymes and B12. It can help support urinary, kidney and thyroid health, the detoxification process in your dog, and support histamine levels.

Bovine Pancreas

Bovine pancreas has essential enzymes your dog requires to help break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This is crucial to supporting digestive and pancreas health for maximum nutrient absorption. 

Bovine Spleen

Bovine spleen Spleen has peptides and proteins to help support immune and digestive health. It can also help support inflammation reduction.

Bovine Adrenal

Bovine adrenal helps support the adrenals in your dog. It’s also linked to  supporting good DNA methylation, glucose levels, detox levels and energy.

Bovine Thymus

The thymus gland can help support your dog’s thymus gland. Over time it tends to shrink because it’s susceptible to toxins and oxidation. 

Supporting the thymus gland with thymus can help specialized proteins, peptides and thyroxin, which can also support immune health.