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Icelandic+ Redfish Skin Rolls 3 oz

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Icelandic+ Treats and chews are an assortment of ingredients ranging from fish to lamb that is air dried using techniques that Vikings used in 900 A.D. . The air-drying process is used as a way to enjoy fish or meat for an extended amount of time by hanging it up and letting it dry for months until it was at the right texture and consistency to be enjoyed.

Icelandic+ Redfish Skin Rolls uses freshly line caught sustainable Golden Redfish that is air-dried naturally with no use of additives, preservatives or supplements to create rolled up delight that has not lost any of the essential omega-3 to help maintain healthy skin and coat. The crunchy texture will also help brush off any plaque and keep the gums and teeth healthy. This treat is suitable for dogs of all life stages and breeds, ideal for dogs with sensitivities to other protein sources and is made in Iceland using practices that meet the standards and regulations of the FDA, USDA, EU and MAST; Packaged in the USA; please see the specifications tab for more information. Available only in (85 g) 3 oz bag.