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K9 THORN - Tactical Cobra Buckle Collar with Handle (1.75")


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K9 THORN BRAVO is a professional collar with an additional handle, designed to provide full control and comfort while working with the dog. The collar is equipped with an extremely functional and durable Cobra buckle made by AustriAlpin. The buckle is made of aluminum 7075 (body), stainless steel (pins, clamping bar) and brass (ears). The tensile strength of the clamp is 9kN (over 900kg), and in the loop this value reaches 18kN (provided the appropriate straps is used). The buckle mechanism prevents opening under load while ensuring easy and quick release. 

The collar is made of polyamide tape, which gives the entire construction adequate strength. The buckle and AustriAlpin frame provides some adjustment of the circumference. At the top of the collar there is durable, aluminum V-Ring, for easily and intuitively leash or rope attachment. Model K9 THORN Bravo at the top also has a profiled handle that allows you to conveniently hold the dog. Durable stitching ensures uncompromising reliability, even with extremely strong dogs

All K9 TORN products are designed to ensure safety and the best possible ergonomics for both the guide and the dog in all conditions. Thanks to this, K9 THORN collars and leashes have won trust officers of uniformed services working with dogs.

Currently available in large only:

  • L: circumference of 40-55 cm


  • Made of durable polyamide tape
  • Aluminum V-Ring for easy attaching of the leash
  • AustriAlpin Cobra FC45 buckle for fastening and removing the collar
  • Comfortable and reinforced handle
  • Regulated with AustriAlpin aluminum frame
  • Width: 45 mm
  • Thickness of the tape 2.2 mm
  • Producer: K9 THORN, Poland