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Magnetic Maxi Tug

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Top-Matic® was designed by renowned dog trainers. The world’s best master trainers -World champions- helped developed and substantially tested Top-Matic®. Top-Matic® will give you optimum results, and the work becomes a lot more fun for you and your dog. Top-Matic® guarantees that only the highest quality of materials is used under the highest regards of animal and human safety. Made in Germany.

The Top-Matic® Training System is self-motivating and allows the handler to reward the dog exactly to the point. You will recognize and see the success of this system after only a few training sessions! Whether you are in the dog sport, playing, or simply going hiking with your four-legged friend, this unique magnet ball system allows you to reward your dog to your liking in every situation. Its benefits include:

  • Perfect heeling position of the dog through self-motivation
  • Active without handler help
  • Exact reward
  • Repeatable a thousand times
  • Choice of positioning the ball on any clothing possible
  • Perfect reward for the dog

The Top-Matic® Tugs have handles and integrated magnets with the use of the Top-Matic MAXI Power Clip (sold separately)

Top-Matic Magnetball Traningssystem für die optimale Hundeausbildung from Markus Schwendinger on Vimeo.


Please always ensure the magnet is inside the training jacket, as to not allow the dog to ingest the magnet.