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Please be advised that our raw food supplier, The Complete K9, lost their production facility to a fire on May 5. As a result, our raw food supply is currently limited and all available stock is shown on the website. We are working hard to secure an alternate supply and our goal is to return to full stock within 1 to 3 weeks.

Marrow Bones


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Available in 2", 4", & 6" sizes (approximate length).

Marrow bones are considered recreational only. Generally dogs like to eat the marrow out of the center of the bone and chew a bit on the sides. All recreational bones should be served with caution and consideration of the type of chewer your dog is. 

Sold by the pound (lb).

2" = approx. 2-3 bones per pound
4" = approx. 1-2 bones per pound
6" = approx. 1/2-1 bone per pound

Please enter the number of pounds you would like to order in the "quantity" box.

This product is hand-cut by the manufacturer. All lengths are approximate. We are unable to accommodate requests to hand-select specific lengths/widths of bones.

Supervision is recommended with all bones and chews.

This is a non-returnable product

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