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Rawbone - Pure Venison

By the Pound
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From Rawbone Pet Food Co.

Pure, Free Range Venison.  Hormone & Antibiotic Free.

This extra lean, novel protein is a great option for dogs and cats with allergies, dietary restrictions and for pets who require a low-fat diet.

This product does not contain any organs or bone. * Not a complete diet.*

More Info

Rawbone Pet Food Co is made in small batches. They strive to create products that are made with human grade ingredients that are coarsely chopped and minimally processed so you can see what’s inside.


100% Ground, Venison, Boneless Muscle Meat.

Nutritional Facts

Energy (Kcal/100g) 106

Protein 20.08%

Fat 2.87%

Carbohydrate 0.2%

Moisture 75.62%

This is a non-returnable product