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SBTO - Salmon, Beef, Tripe & Organ

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Ground whole salmon (40%), ground beef muscle meat (40%), ground beef tripe (10%) and ground beef organ (10%). 

This is not a complete diet. There is approximately 5% bone content which is not enough for most dogs and not for growing puppies. Please consider feeding whole consumable bones such as duck or turkey necks, or using a calcium supplement such as better bones to balance this meal. Feel free to reach out with help or questions. 

Sold by the "chub" which is a 1 LB tube. 

Tips and Tricks; Courtlyn Custom food comes to us in 10 LB bags in 40 LB boxes. If you are interested in conserving the amount of plastic used, consider ordering in those increments and asking for a box in the order comments. We will do our best to accommodate these orders.  

This product is manufactured by Courtlyn Custom DogFood