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Whole Kangaroo Leg Bones

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Whole Kangaroo Leg (Femur) Bones!

These bones work great for getting in some extra bone content. The soft bones can be easily broken down by strong jaws! Kangaroo is also great for dogs with sensitivities as well. 

Recreational bone chewing can help clean your dog's teeth, help to break unwanted chewing habits, provide a mental workout, and they offer a variety of minerals like much-needed calcium!

K9 Choice's bones are 100% natural and they don't contain any unnecessary chemicals or preservatives - the only preservative is the freezer!

  • Whole animal
  • Grass fed
  • Hormone-free
  • Steroid-free

100% Wild Australian Kangaroo

Sold by the bone.

Supervision is recommended with all bones and chews.

This is a non-returnable product