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Woof - The Pupsicle

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From the manufacturer: 

The Pupsicle is a new breed of dog toy: the cleanest, safest & longest lasting enrichment toy on the market. It unscrews to open so it’s a breeze to fill & clean - plus customers can make their own refills with healthy ingredients that dogs love! Simply fill the Pupsicle with our companion Treat Tray to create the frozen treat of your choice. Peanut butter, raw food, canned wet food, yogurt, fruit, and bone broth are just a few of the freezable fillings you can use.

The Pupsicle comes in 3 sizes; Small (for dogs 5 - 25lbs)Large (for dogs 25 - 70lbs), and Extra Large (for dogs 75lbs and up). The Pupsicle is made from a non-toxic, BPA and Phthalate free natural rubber.

Choosing the right size:

Along with your pup's weight, we recommend checking that their lower jaw is wider than the hole in the top of the Pupsicle.

Our large Pupsicle is 3.6" in diameter and 2.8" tall, with the hole in the middle (where your pup will try get at the treat inside) is about 1" in diameter. Our small Pupsicle is 2.9" in diameter and 2.2" tall with the hole being about 0.9". Our XL Pupsicle is 4.8" in diameter and 3.8" tall, with the hole being about 1.5".

How do I freeze treats?

Since the Pupsicle opens in the middle, you can pre-freeze treats for when you need them later. Our Treat Tray makes it easy - just scoop in your favorite recipe (raw food, wet food, yogurt, etc.), put it in the freezer, and you’ll be good to go!