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Ultimate Surf n' Turf - Salmon & Beef


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Experience the ultimate in canine nutrition with the Ultimate Surf n' Turf! This delicious blend only contains beef organ and tripe with wild-caught salmon, all rich in essential vitamins and minerals for an unbeatable performance boost. Get the flavors and nutritional value your pup needs without poultry or unhealthy additives - perfect for dogs with allergies!

Available in the 1 Lb chubs only. Sold by the pound. A case is 40 LBS. Now available unwrapped, with no plastic!

This product is manufactured by Rawbone. 

More Info

The Ultimate Surf n Turf is an excellent addition to almost any diet. Dogs need a good source of omega 3 (essential fatty acids) and salmon is a rich source. Sometimes, salmon can be too strong by itself so adding in the beef muscle meat, adds a flavour that dogs love. The 100% beef organ used is grass-fed, and packed full of nutrients needed. Not all organs are secreting organs. The Ultimate Surf n Turf has the right amount of liver and kidney to make sure your carnivore is getting the right amounts of vitamins they require for optimal health. The Ultimate Surf n Turf also has 20% of green tripe. Tripe is full of nutrition and also helps even the pickiest eaters love their food. Tripe has manganese, zinc, copper, potassium and iron, all of which are necessary for carnivores. Another benefit of green tripe is digestive enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics.

The Ultimate Surf n Turf is a great option for dogs with poultry sensitivities. This mix is balanced with bone, meat, organ and tripe. The only source of bone is the fish bone found naturally in salmon. So we do not advise this as exclusive meal for growing puppies.

We always recommend rotating proteins as your budget and dogs preferences allow. Although we believe raw is always best, it is not advisable to feed only one protein source for an indefinite period of time. There are many different nutrients and minerals in all different proteins. Feel free to reach out for more detailed recommendations for your pets needs.

Sold by the pound (lb).

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50% Westcoast Sockeye Salmon

10% Beef Muscle Meat

20% Grass Fed Beef Tripe

5% Beef Heart

5% Beef Kidney

5% Beef Liver

5% Beef Lung


Updated analysis coming soon!

Where did SBTO go?

We discontinued the original SBTO. Ultimate Surf n Turf is Modern K9's exclusive blend with precise formulation you can rely on. Wild Caught Salmon, and grass fed beef make this truly an Ultimate blend.

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